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Nicole Law

Senior Professional Development Associate


Dr. Nicole Law is a Senior Professional Development Associate with The Leadership and Learning Center. Nicole uses her experience to present instruction on Decision Making for Results, Data Teams, 90/90/90 School Improvement, Common Core State Standards, Power Strategies for Effective Teaching, and Accelerating Academic Achievement of English Learners.


Before joining The Center, Nicole served as a Curriculum Coordinator for English Language Learners, Cultural Responsivity, AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), and Mathematics and Science Instruction in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this position, Dr. Law created multi-layered and faceted professional development for teachers and administrators covering all aspects of directed programs and curricular areas. She has written curriculum in the areas of science, mathematics, and English language development.  Nicole trained and supported administrators, teacher leaders, site coordinators, and school improvement teams in Decision Making for Results and Data Teams Process. 


Dr. Law is accused of not living in the world of standardized tests and stringent accountability measures, but rather living in the world of learning and achievement for all. She thrives on gaining new knowledge and pouring an abundance of her energy and passion in her work of coaching and developing others. As an elementary principal, she guided her teachers through the creation of formative assessments, Authentic Performance Tasks, positive behavioral interventions, and the implementation of rigorous instructional practices. Nicole’s leadership allowed her to lead her school through a transformation in both school culture and academic instruction.  


Nicole completed her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy. Her dissertation concentrated on the principal’s role in increasing teacher implementation of effective instructional practices. She also co-authored The Reflective Leader: Implementing a Multidimensional Leadership Performance System. Leadership is Dr. Law’s passion; she has worked with numerous principals and district leaders on the implementation of Data Teams in the United States and Canada in order to implement and sustain a data- driven process. 


Nicole has received various recognitions throughout her career. One of many was the 2008 National Milken Award from the state of Indiana. Nicole resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband, Stan, and son, Kyle. Nicole and her family enjoy cruising, skiing, and spending lazy summer days at many of Florida’s beaches.

Nicole can be reached at Nicole.Law@hmhco.com