Permissions & Citations

To request permission to reproduce Leadership and Learning Press or The Leadership and Learning Center materials or content complete the following Copyright Request Form.

Do You Need to Request Permission?

Use The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for direction on whether permission is required to reproduce LLP/LLC material.  Actual situations may differ from these guidelines and must be considered on a case-to-case basis:

Citations vs. Permissions
In general, any direct verbatim quotes, research results, or summaries of text need to be cited to give attribution to the creators.

  • Tables, figures, or photos need permissions.
  • Unpublished, original work needs permissions.
  • For poems or songs, anything more than a couple of lines needs permissions.

The length of a quote will determine whether or not it is a citation or permissions.  If it is a large portion of the work (250+ words), get permission. A large portion would be a smaller word count if the entire work is smaller (75 words out of two pages).

For additional details, consult The Chicago Manual of Style or contact us directly.