On-site PD

School Improvement Partnership

The Leadership and Learning Center's School Improvement Partnership aligns with the ground-breaking 90/90/90 Schools℠ Research and today's most compelling research on improving schools. Our intensive, onsite process builds capacity and sustainability through a combination of nine foundational teaching and leadership practices that focus on the following areas:

  • Accountability Practices
  • Classroom Practices
  • School Practices

Through a three-year school improvement partnership with The Leadership and Learning Center a district receives:

  • A dedicated school improvement team which includes an onsite School Improvement Coach, Professional Development Consultant, School Improvement Advisor, and Project Manager.
  • Foundational Practice Rubrics to guide the essential feedback necessary for effective school improvement.
  • Weekly and monthly report monitoring progress and accountability.
  • Prioritized and "unwrapped" Common Core State Standards or standards aligned to the provided common formative assessments.
  • Digital tools to assist with management of school improvement planning, Data Teams, and classroom observations.

The School Improvement Partnership offers an intensive, cost-effective, proven, and structured process for all school districts seeking rapid, sustainable results:

  • Phase I - Implementation with Commitment: The School Improvement Team works with schools and districts to stabilize the system.
  • Phase II - Implementation with Purpose: The School Improvement Team works together to deepen knowledge and understanding of the content, processes, and practices provided during coaching and professional development.
  • Phase III - Implementation with Sustainability: The School Improvement Team facilitates the development of deep understanding of instructional and operational practices with the outcome of increased capacity and sustainability in the system.

The scope of work includes a Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Leadership, coaching, professional development, and ongoing reviews and refinements.


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